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Rufus is Andy's constant companion in The Magic Christmas Key, and he will be your special child's constant companion as well. Rufus is inspired by the author, Leann Smith's mini Goldendoodle.

The Magic Christmas Key

This wonderful package features a great storyline and beautiful art, plus a Magic Key to create lifelong memories and traditions.

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MY Snowman and Me

Great early reader PLUS your own four piece snowman to build even if there is no snow!

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The Magic Christmas Key Book and Key My Snowman and Me Book, Buildable Snowman and Keepsake Box LULU THE BUNNY FROM THE WINNING GARDEN
. . The best bunny ever and Willa's best friend in the Winning Garden. (14")
The Winning Garden book and seed gift set The Hope Tree
The Hope Tree
Our Price: $20.00
Meet Willa and her lop-eared bunny Lulu, find the ladybug on every page, and explore 40" gatefold pages with spectacular gardens.  Gift set includes sunflower, pea and pumpkin seeds. A special story about the difference one small boy makes in the town of Hope at Christmas.